Even Pest Control

I always expected to miss my Dad. I expected to miss his “dad jokes” and his subsequent full-bellied laughs. I expected to miss seeing his name pop up on my phone and hearing his voice on the other end. I expected to miss his gourmet cooking and the contented look he got as he sang along to Bob Dylan. I expected to miss how I felt when he’d put his arms around me, kiss my head and whisper “I love you, Kiddo.” And I really expected to miss his incomparable way with words, paired with his hearty, rhythmic voice. Somehow, amid all my other expectations, there are some things I never expected to miss; things like…pest control. Yes, I really miss my Dad’s ability to control pests.

This new way of missing my dad came to me just as I drifted off to sleep last night. I heard a faint, but unmistakeable, high-pitched buzzing. I flipped on the lights and set out on an extremely serious 30-minute mission to find the perpetrating mosquito — but my efforts were in vain. When I’d finally fallen back to sleep, I was more than a little annoyed to hear scratching and gnawing from every pet within in 10-foot radius (which was approximately 6 pets). Again, lights on, in fully-agitated-inspection-mode. FLEAS. Visible, numerous, hateful hoards of fleas. So, naturally, I began an immediate round of militant-style flea baths. 90-minutes and a mild-to-moderate case of scoliosis later, the sun was just peaking up in the East and I instinctively went to the kitchen to make some coffee. I am not exaggerating when I tell you that I began to tear up a little when I saw a small army of ants marching single-file along the kitchen counter.

At the very moment I began making drastic considerations (such as shaving each pet bald and burning the house to the ground…just to name a few), a familiar, colorful paper-back book caught my attention. There it was. As if it was a sign from above, my dad’s book — Dead Snails Leave No Trails.

I opened it up. Page 63: Mosquitoes. Page 82: Fleas. Page 10: Ants. And just like that — problems solved.

I miss my dad. I miss him for who he was. I miss him for what he did  — and I certainly miss him for how he did it. In fact, each day I find new ways to miss him. But, just as he did in life, my dad continues to teach me how to solve all of life’s problems, both big and (in this case) very very small.

I guess what I’m really trying to say is…here are some helpful organic remedies from the late, great Loren Nancarrow, a man who sure knew a lot about a lot — yes, even pest control.














Loren Nancarrow Fleas Remedy from 10News


23 thoughts on “Even Pest Control

  1. Your dad was amazing I have watched him on television since I was a teenager. He always seemed like a wonderful person on camera I can only image how he was in person. I believe our lived ones stay with us I know one thing for sure watching him all these years he sure did love you and your family very much god bless thanks for sharing. Loren is now a shining star in heaven as he was here in earth.

  2. Now I have your Dad on my Pinterest board “Natural cleaning…”. Thank you for the gift of sharing him again, Hannah. While he no longer walks on earth, he is here in our memories still. Gifts and
    blessings, kiddo. Love you.

  3. Dear Hannah. You certainly have inherited you Dad’s way with words. Thank you for your continued blogging about your Dad and his “Pest Control” hints. We too miss him. He was your Dad but he was “Family” to all his TV viewers. Love from above in the way he comes to you, it is amazing., Thank you for your continuing with your blogging, Jackie

  4. Hannah. Your Dad was so very special. I’ve watched him for many many many years. I loved his voice. His whole organic approach to doing things is wonderful. I miss him.
    Thanks for the ant tips, we are dealing with them now up here in Ramona.

  5. Yes, Hannah, it was your dad that got me hooked on using ’20 Mule Team Borax.’ The wonder product that doesn’t like to have it product associated with pest control, and yet I have found it recommended in soooooo many search results for ‘fleas.’

  6. Here I am, on the “5th” floor, and yes, still blessed, with an amazing, wonderful dad in his 80’s. Both of us San Diego natives. I ache for your loss, Hannah. You had the best of the best as a Dad. I survived stage 4 cancer last year, while witnessing your Dad’s public sharing of his experience. It crushes me that he is not here with us, Really praying that you are able to have peace and comfort. God bless you!

  7. From a dad…that was the nicest thing I ever read. I am so sorry for your loss, but I have no doubt that your dad not only cherished the relationship he had with each of you, but that he continues to smile down on you every day.

  8. Thanks Hannah! I came home from Relay and my little puppy was going nuts with fleas. I’m preparing this lemon concoction Now!

  9. To hear that voice and see that face again. Priceless. Recently I went to a memorial service for another former KFMBer and within the service they played a video that included snippets of news people from long ago. There was Loren, a very young Loren doing “This Day”. When his face popped up on the screen, his full head of hair young face, everyone in the very packed room let out a sad sighing sound like oooohhhhh. It was nice to see him, but the reminder of his passing, not so nice. So, seeing these videos brings smiles and ok, good info. He was all about that.

  10. I always admired your dad. As a gardener from the same town I enjoyed all he shared. Thanks for reminding us all about homemade bug spray and the wonderfull book!

  11. I was sent the link to your blog, by a friend who was trying to share your dad”s natural wisdom for the benefit of my 4 dogs (and, of course, it would help the rest of our family)!
    The videos wouldn’t play 😦 Can someone please, please send me the info on natural flea treatment? Mosquito treatment? Any help for ticks? I thank you in advance! Martha … sunyshine@aol.com

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