Go On, Love Each Other

It’s been almost 10 years since we were all in a room together. It doesn’t matter. The years melt away and it’s just like it was. I flash back to memories of three little girls selling eggs on the street corner, riding horses up old dirt roads, and growing up together on our familiies’ rural little farms.
Now here the three of us are again. This time, gathered around a hospital room, seated beside Taylor’s bed — which brings me back to other, rawer memories of IVs and latex gloves, bottles of pills and of the sickness that stole my dad.
Taylor is powerful and extraordinary, and she has that sparkle in her eyes that makes me hopeful that this too shall pass — but I am careful to also acknowledge the message within the mess. The message being that life is precious and life is fleeting.
My sweet friend is a compelling reminder to laugh and hug and connect NOW. Don’t wait for another reminder; call your mom, your sister, your grandpa, your best friend. Tell them you love them, are thinking of them. Make plans and keep them. Make connections and nurture them. Connection is the foundation of life.
If you were waiting for a sign…here it is.
Go on, love each other.




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15 thoughts on “Go On, Love Each Other

  1. You are so right, we never know how much time we have here. We need to cherish every day. You sure are your Daddy’s daughter, you know how to put it down in writing. Sorry you are going through this again, so soon.

  2. And, taking your lead Hannah, we love you and are proud of the road you’ve taken from all this life’s experience. Lead on.

  3. Praying and sending positive thoughts, Hannah you are an amazing friend to many, a blend of Mom and Dad. Stay Blessed xx

  4. The Bible says in James 4:14 “that we do not know what tomorrow will bring. we are just a vapor that appears for a little while and then vanishes away “. We should live in such a way that we reflect our Creator. While we are here we may make a zillion mistakes, but we are forgiven when we ask. Our hope is in eternal salvation and everlasting life. There is so much for which to look forward, so much to learn and understand.. Pain can be an excellent teacher and love does conquer all.

  5. We are reminded daily of how short life can be; by an article or a news video when a child or parent meets with an accident or illness, we all should be talking face to face with family and friends. Granted a personal letter, hand written is a wonderful way to express how one is doing or maybe a phone call to or from a family member or close friend has a way to warm one’s heart, but taking the time to drive, walk or ride a bike or horse to visit another person is so much better.
    In the past two weeks, two of my close friends have died, one from being cast out into the street to live in her car and the other from a massive heart attack and he was only 56. We never know how our life will go, nor the lives of those that we might have known for decades, unless we stay in touch. We are family, a family that has never met or played together or enjoyed the comforts of each others homes, but we are still pretty much the same.
    Take a few minutes make a list of those who you have not spoken to in years and setup a plan to make the effort… We say we will, but will we… There is where LOVE plays its part. If we truly Love, we will search and find that one person who must be contacted. I do this, spend time looking, making calls to search out those who you use to know and I do this as often as I can. Love is more than just a word, it is also an action requiring effort.
    I was comforted some what, concerning my two friends, since I had taken time to visit or meet up with both within 48 hours of each of them dying. Unforeseen occurrences can and do happen, so be loving one another, the benefits that it provides are innumerable.

  6. Hannah, you are such a joy in this world — as your Mom recognizes, as your friends do, and as your Dad in the great beyond does. Thank you SO much for sharing the love and vibrancy of life that you do…Taylor surely “knows” this, too. xoxo

  7. As I do nearly every day, I’m on my way to my elderly mom’s house. Today, your reminder will help me be more patient and loving.

  8. Hannah,
    It’s easy to forget that
    every breath is a gift.
    Thank you for the reminder.
    Best wishes,

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