The Dream Board

Two years ago I created a dream board. In case you’re not female or have missed this new era practice, a dream board is basically a poster that you fill with images and words that represent all your life’s dreams, goals and aspirations. Dream boards coincide with the law of attraction, which pretty much says “you reap what you sow.” If you have a negative mindset and stew over worries or negative thoughts, then you’ll attract negativity and bad things will surround you. If you choose to think and act positively and visualize positive outcomes, you will attract goodness and positivity.

So back to this dream board I made — I spent hours filling it with all the things I wanted. There was a big beautiful boat out on a crystal blue ocean, an 8,000 sqft Craftsman style home overlooking a sprawling green property, exotic vacation destinations, a black on black Mercedes G Wagon, my dream bikini body (obviously with the head cut off and mine glued on) and a gold diamond engagement ring the size of a helipad.

But my dream board didn’t work. Not at all.

2 years later and I am no closer to those things than I was then. In fact, I would argue that I’m farther away from most of those “dreams” than ever before.  And I know exactly why because I mistook material things for dreams. Without knowing any better, I chose to fixate on the things I thought would make me happy, rather than the experiences and the accomplishments and the relationships that could truly bring me happiness. Instead of visualizing how happiness would look and feel and sound, I thought about stuff…fancy stuff.

So today, I start a new dream board —  one that’s filled with pictures of Spinning® classes packed with energetic, powerful students and quotes from the writers who inspire and motivate me like Jack Kerouac, Hunter S. Thompson, Rumi and Dr. Seuss. It will boast photos of my family when we’ve been happiest, during camping trips and live concerts. There will be pictures of Half Dome and Mt. Whitney and a german shepherd pulling a wheelchair.

And I’ll paste another bikini body on this new dream board — but this time it will be my own, because today I am living my dream of health, fitness and a pretty-darn-nice beach bod. No more dreaming of anyone else’s….anything. I already have all that I need to be happy — within me and within the people I love.

So take some time to create a little dream board and fill it with all your favorite people and activities and watch your happiness bloom.





26 thoughts on “The Dream Board

    • Hannah, I just love your spirit. To have your wisdom at your age is a true gift, both to yourself and to your family. I have followed the writings of “Abraham” for quite some time. Between them and Oprah, I made my own dream board years ago. I believe it’s time for a new one, myself, displaying what I now know to be true and important. Much love to you and your family. ❤️

  1. “I already have all that I need to be happy – within me and within the people I love.” Hannah this is the most beautiful and inspiring thing I have ever heard. Thank you for sharing your heart. It’s a beautiful thing that makes the world more of a beautiful place to be.

  2. Your timing is impeccable. I have never been one to really grasp the concept of dream boards, goal making and such but as of late I realize that this may be what I need to have a more focused path to my future. I have a stack of magazines that I have not had the time to read and I thought just a week ago that it would be perfect to use those mags for a dream board (at the time I could not remember what it was called). Again, perfect timing! Thank you and dream on.

  3. awesome girlie!!!
    my vision board from 2012 still has “to do’s” so it’s still up & i’m stoked to keep moving forward to achieve all the things on that board!!

  4. Dear Hannah. It is so amazing how our “dreams’ change as we mature. Physical things don’t matter so much as to personal get togethers with family and friends. It is nice to have a :
    Dream Board” but also to keep in perspective the “dreams” we will never achieve because that is what they are just “dreams” Reality is filled with awesome people and places. Keep it up Hannah. Prayers and love to all. Jackie

  5. Love it! I’ve done an inspiration board before and also time for me to update. Sometimes it takes tears and tragedies to make us realize what really is important in our heart and makes us truly happy. Our dreams change and grow just as we do. Kudos for recognizing that. You, and your family, help me to validate my dreams as well.

  6. Hannah…You have the same name as one of my granddaughters and she probably is about your age! Congratulations on growing within to realize what is important in life….family, friends, health and well-being…keep-on-keepin’ on! I’ve been a huge fan of your Dad’s for many years and have been following the family blogs regarding his health and well-being….hopefully and prayerfully, he’ll keep-on-keepin-on as well!

  7. Hannah, What a great idea . . .doesn’t matter if you are six or sever or sixty or seventy. You always have dreams. Might as well make them good ones that will benefit yourself and those around you.

  8. Hannah, I LOVE YOUR WRITING! Keep it up! It inspires and challenges all to find ourselves! You are an amazing shining star for your parents in your expressions of life!!! Geri Jones

  9. Very Inspiring, I didn’t know and I am female, but now I feel educated I will try this, it reminds me of the time Meg Ryan’s person oin the movie “The Women” filled her refrigerator with all the things that mattered to her leading her to reach out and develop her own design line… Thank you for this.

  10. Good message for a Sunday afternoon. Thank you for your inspirational words and dream on Hannah! Your family is always on my mind. Hi to Loren…

  11. So now they call them dream boards. When I was young, I had a notebook and cut and pasted things I like and wanted. Most of the material things I dreamed of came true. I just did not expect to be grow old alone! I guess I forgot to put a healthy man in my notebook.☻
    It is good to have dreams, and to work hard to achieve those goals. Hannah, don’t give up on your dreams dear. You’ll never know, you could win the lotto and become an instant millionaire and get that yacht!☺ But you have to buy the lotto ticket first! Thanks for sharing.
    And as always, I wish you and your family well!♥

  12. Thank you for sharing. I was told last year to make a Dream Board and still haven’t. I think I will get busy. I might have to put your smiling face on my board as a reminder of what you learned and shared and what is worth dreaming for.!! Again thatnks for being an inspiration to all of us.

  13. As usual, your writing reminds me of the importance of being blessed with what we have already received. I didn’t realize how few “things” were important to me until I was nearly 60 years old and watching my husband die of lung cancer. Your family is an inspiration!

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