Weekly Happy Thoughts: Maker & Shaker Power Women (sorry boys)

Posh Granola

Now don’t worry this is not going to be some intense feminist post… This is simply just a post to admire some women that I find truly awesome (aside from my mom, hi mom!). These women are women who are making moves and changes with their actions, their words, and their attitudes. Women don’t always have it easy with their choices of family vs career, botox vs au natural, and that voice screaming on their shoulder saying “DONT YOU DARE EAT THAT PIECE OF PIZZA!!”. So today, I just wanted to give a little love, a little attention, and a little deserved credit to some of my fave women.


Hannah Nancarrow – This girl can WRITE. I am not easily entertained by long writing pieces, nor do I find women particularly funny (unless its Sandra Bullock in the proposal). That being said, Miss Hannah has quite the gift. She…

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