Time Flies When You’re Having Fun


They say time flies when you’re having fun,

Then it slows down during a treadmill run.

And time hardly moves at the DMV,

Waiting like jailbirds who want to be free.

You know, waiting of any kind is really a drag,

For instance, sitting in traffic makes time seem to lag,

Or when you’re expecting a package at your front door.

And time always crawls when we’re miserable or bored.

But this morning I caught a glimpse of the date,

And right then I realized that time doesn’t wait.

I saw the clock hands spinning all hot and hurried,

My heart started to race and my mind to worry.

But if it’s true that time flies when you’re having fun

And I feel time rush past me with each setting sun,

If months feel too short and years way too fast,

Then there’s no doubt in my mind I’m having a BLAST.