Nail Polish


Painting and repainting. That’s what I’ve been doing. Painting my nails, wiping them clean and painting them again. One by one. Coat by glossy coat. Blue, pink, orange, gold and crimson red lacquer. There are plenty of days when I do more than just painting and repainting…but not today. Today it’s just me, some nail polish and a bottle of acetone. Painting and repainting.

There’s something therapeutic about nail polish. Painting takes concentration, patience, a steady hand and a steady mind — stuff I’ve struggled with recently. But it’s said that practice makes perfect, so I just keep painting and repainting.

It doesn’t matter the color or brand of polish. It doesn’t matter if it’s chipped, dented or entirely smudged. Each nail will inevitably be wiped clean again. All that matters is painting. I just keep hoping I’ll find that lucky hue. I just keep hoping that maybe a fresh coat will cure my writer’s block — or better yet, cure my dad’s cancer. So I just keep painting and repainting.


Hannah Jane


The Woods

The Nancarrow Project

Winnie the Pooh had The Hundred Acre Wood. For Alice in Wonderland and The Jabberwocky it wasthe Tulgey Wood. Then, of course, there’s Tiger Woods and his 3-wood (that would allegedly smash the windows of his SUV). The Hippies did Woodstock. There’s West Side Story’s Natalie Wood. There are woulds and would nots (and wood knots). John Wooden was the Wizard of Westwood. Robin Hood had Sherwood. Celebrities have Hollywood. Beaches have driftwood. And if you’re safe from harm, you’re out of the woods. With terminal cancer, we never really leave the woods. Instead, we’ve set up camp and made the woods our home.

Luckily, we’ve come prepared to live the rustic, woodsy lifestyle. Us kids were raised on a rural little farm that sat on the far end of an old dirt road (I guess you could say we lived in the backwoods). We ate what we…

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