Nail Polish


Painting and repainting. That’s what I’ve been doing. Painting my nails, wiping them clean and painting them again. One by one. Coat by glossy coat. Blue, pink, orange, gold and crimson red lacquer. There are plenty of days when I do more than just painting and repainting…but not today. Today it’s just me, some nail polish and a bottle of acetone. Painting and repainting.

There’s something therapeutic about nail polish. Painting takes concentration, patience, a steady hand and a steady mind — stuff I’ve struggled with recently. But it’s said that practice makes perfect, so I just keep painting and repainting.

It doesn’t matter the color or brand of polish. It doesn’t matter if it’s chipped, dented or entirely smudged. Each nail will inevitably be wiped clean again. All that matters is painting. I just keep hoping I’ll find that lucky hue. I just keep hoping that maybe a fresh coat will cure my writer’s block — or better yet, cure my dad’s cancer. So I just keep painting and repainting.


Hannah Jane


3 thoughts on “Nail Polish

  1. Well, Hannah, painting your nails appears to be therapeutic for you. Keep it up. Some people can never find something soothing to ease their confusion. Or for just a few moments forget what is troubling you. And it did make for a nice little writing blerb. Keep the faith. Jackie

  2. Let me know how that goes. My 2 year old Grandaughter has declared war. On the other hand I wouldn’t have time for this, no time, nope,nope,nope. Sending love to you all. ❤

  3. Thank you for the updates and am hoping you keep us informed of all bad and good so we can share your emotion. Lauren and I are the same age and we share many of the same crazy ways we look at life, may it be the animals or the plants or the kids we have. I also share the news my doctor told me 1 to 3. My thoughts are with you and share your thoughts in every word you type. We need to stay strong and understand the journey we all must take.

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