“If I could tell the world just one thing it would be —  we’re all okay,

And not to worry, ’cause worry is wasteful and useless in times like these.

I won’t be made useless.

I won’t be idle with despair.

I will gather myself around my faith,

For light does the darkness most fear.”

You know those days that you awaken to a sharp pain, an awful wrenching in your stomach, a sudden realization that, today, something is barring you from your happiness?  Sometimes the discomfort is physical. Other times it’s emotional or spiritual. Sometimes it’s worry, sometimes grief or loss or injury. It’s those days that make you want to stay in bed, to hide away from the existing pain and protect yourself from the plethora of other things that threaten to steal your joy — and it’s those days that it’s more important than ever to rise and rejoice.

In the past 10 months, I’ve had A LOT of those days. I’ve had a lot of moments where continuing on seems too painful and too difficult to even fathom. It starts each morning as my alarm goes off and I have about 6-8 seconds before I remember. I remember how cold it is outside. I remember that I’ve been out of work for months. I remember that my puppy chewed the inside of my car. I remember that I have a huge zit on my face. I remember that my pants are too tight. I remember that my boyfriend is now my ex. I remember that I still haven’t done my laundry. I remember that I had “one too many” the night before. I remember that I have a ton of sh*t to do. And I remember that my dad has terminal cancer.

Well…there goes my day. It’s funny how the weight of the world can do that…make you forget the things that bring you joy by reminding you of the things that make life tough. But throughout all this, it has become increasingly clear that it’s joy that is the antidote for all of that tough stuff, and life can be so made so much more wonderful by simply reframing your mindset and rejoicing in all of the things that make life…life.

So, here it goes…

I rejoice in sweatshirts and heaters and relatively warm San Diego winters! I rejoice in all my extra free time that has allowed me so many special days with my dad! I rejoice in owning a car…and a puppy…and a new menagerie of chew toys! I rejoice in knowing that most acne isn’t life-threatening! I rejoice in stretchy pants (and I’m literally rejoicing while wearing them at this very moment)! I rejoice in having experienced romance and love! I rejoice in laundromats! I rejoice in tequila…and Advil! I rejoice in being alive to do all that sh*t I have to do! And most of all, I rejoice in the love and warmth and knowledge (and awesome genes) bestowed upon me by my incredible dad.

Suddenly, I’m able to rise up out of my bed (and I totally rejoice in having a bed), excited for a day chock-full of both the good and the bad — throughout all of which I can find reasons to rejoice.



“Rejoice! Rejoice!

We have no choice but to carry on.”



59 thoughts on “Rejoice!

    • Angel Hannah, we’re all terminal, so to speak–at least in this bodily form–from the moment of our birth. It appears to be an experience we are granted, perhaps to further our personal enlightenment, or nurture those with whom we come in contact, or to bring joy or wakeup moments to others beyond immediate reach in one’s current realm, or any combo thereof. Learning and sharing is a noble goal.

      You and your father–my fave TV star, Loren–and the rest of your family, have surely done all in spades, sometimes literally…such as sharing the love of our earth, its bountiful food and gracious and less than gracious (turkeys v. worms anyone?) creatures–and have illuminated them all so reverently over the years. A “thank you” will never be enough, but it’s what I can offer {{hugs}}

      Know that there are many people sending you and yours healing vibes every day, holding tight to the same wishes of magic and well-being that are meant to be for however long is possible–which is, after all, forever 🙂

    • Sending you all so much love and prayers. You don’t know me and our paths probably will never cross. I just wanted to stop by to say how inspiring Loren is to me and my husband. My honey had to have emergency quadruple bypass surgery…he was in perfect shape so we were surprise by the news. He is doing well now and I believe on some small part it was by the courage that you show through your blog. It gave him the ability to fight and not give up and look at each day as a blessing and a gift. So as you continue your battle, please know that you have earth angels praying for you my friend.

  1. Hi Hannah! I’ve only recently learned from my family of your Dad’s identity, as I had no idea when you told me he was sick the first time we met with Django and Nitro romping around two weeks ago. I have since been following your Dad’s blog and his posts on facebook, and wanted you to know that if you need anything at all, I’m here. Nitro would be happy to bring Django on his longer walks, and we have really awesome Tequila, so knock on our door any time! Thinking of you and your family, Christine (and Nitro)

  2. Thank you Hanna. This put things in perspective as I am getting through my day. Boy sometimes we do not even know the strength that we possess. I wish you strength this holiday season. Treasure every moment.

  3. Hannah,
    I am going to REMEMBER the
    every morning when I wake up‼️
    THANKS for the “Wake Up Call”❤️

  4. This is beautiful, Hannah…thank you for EVERY time you post and manage to remind us how to just L-I-V-E and be grateful. . . .blessings to you and your family. May God especially continue to bless your dear dad.

  5. Dear Hannah. You make the lemon into lemonade, good on ya girl. Your writing is inspirational. Keep it up. I am sure it is cathartic for you also. Blessing to you and your family in this terrible ordeal you are having to endure. Your dad is one great guy and we all miss him on TV and are praying for his remission and recovery.

  6. Aw Hannah, you are becoming a “sage” at a tender age!! Yes, your darling Dad, Loren, beautiful Mom, Susie, dear brother Graham & sweet, adorable Britta have, surely, been through very “tough days” but, through all of them, please know, HE walks beside each of you, to give you renewed strength and courage to “soldier on!” Julian & I are sending along our warm, sincere best wishes, hope all of you Nancarrow family enjoyed a lovely, joyful Happy Thanksgiving! I keep you & your dear family in my daily prayers. Love & Hugs, Susan & Julian Wise

  7. Hannah, I so feel your pain. I lost my giant of a Dad…just 6 months ago from brain cancer and yesterday as we sat around the table I had to excuse myself as the pain of him not being there for the first ever Thanksgiving was just way to much for me to handle in front of my 10yr old. As I read your post I too have had those days when getting up just felt unbearable and then I think Dad would have never wanted me to hurt this bad…so I too somehow dig down and manage to move forward. I am an ICU RN and so many times I can “fix” you and you go home and live a great life….I wasn’t able to “fix” my Dad..what I was able to do was to sit by my Dad and hold his hand as he took his last breath…he knew I was there and I was able to honor his wishes to be in his own home with his family around him. My Dad was aware of your Dads diagnosis and often asked me…have you read anything lately on Loren Nancarrow and how he was doing…I would go to your Dads blog and read to my Dad….what Loren had posted. Always brought a smile to my Dads face. Keep smiling and make everyday better than the one before…

  8. Your family is such an inspiration to me as my husband, of 45 years, battles Stage 3C Melanoma. Your thoughts today are the kind that I needed today and to share with others.
    Blessings and days of Joy…❤️❤️❤️

  9. It is Amazing what such magical words can do to fill someone’s heart~
    To simply change our outlook on life….and death~

    True~ as I’ve experienced my Brother’s own Battle that he ultimately lost!

    It is our Heroes that we relate to…that we love unconditionally…
    Their courageous fight inspires us~

    Look at what Brilliant words you write!!!

    Look at all the hearts and souls that you are helping to keep positive…
    The hearts that you are filling with Joy and Hope~

    I Thank You for that Hannah!

    Love to You~


  10. How beautiful and inspirational. Your words brought tears to my eyes. You appear to be a wise, old soul in a young woman’s body and I’m sure your parents are very proud of you, all of the time. Some people that are twice your age never get “it” but it seems you do. God bless you and your wonderful family.

  11. Your family is so strong, Hannah. The gift your dad gave me is beyond words, & Arlo is HUGELY LOVED. May God’s blessings of courage, comfort, peace—and yes, JOY—flow over your beautiful family.

  12. Hannah- You are one heck of a young lady- I enjoy reading your posts. You are certainly wise beyond your years. Thank you for reminding me that JOY is the best antidote to life’s curves and bumps. Your love for your Dad is indeed special. He is blessed to have you by his side. God bless you!

  13. Wow. It’s amazing how somehow, someway someone will say or write something that speaks to your heart in such an eloquent and soulful way. I have been feeling sorry for myself and forgetting what joy and blessings there are in everything that comes our way–good or bad. Thank you, thank you for speaking directly to my heart today, Hannah. I wish your beautiful father and family all of the blessings you may possibly have. You have been that light for me today. God bless all of you.

  14. Dear Hannah,
    What a beautiful message! I teared up in knowing exactly what you and your family are going thru! My daughter is a brain cancer survivor! Those fearful times rush back and feels like yesterday ! Such vulnerability and lack of control are such a wake up call the only step to take is faith in that God has His plan and it will be ok! I do believe your dad feels the love all around him and he is our inspiration! Your beautiful message is exactly what this life is all about! You , Loren and your family are in my prayers and just believe God is lifting you all up in His arms and rejoicing in all the love that surrounds your dad! Blessings and prayers!

  15. Thank God for awesome dads, Yoga pants, more sun than rain, and the capacity to feel…both joy and pain. Known far too many people who have closed themselves off from life out of fear, and the intensity you’re feeling is a gift. Life in all of its terrible beauty is precious.


  17. Sending you and yours hugs as you continue your fight together with the love and support of all of us who care.
    Please continue to rejoice in each moment.

  18. Hannah, rejoice in the fact that your writings have made us all ponder real life’s issues and dealing with them head on and heart out for all of us to see. Keep finding the joy.

  19. I’ve been where you are..although 10 years has past for me….I want you to know how brave you are to share your story…. Karen

  20. Dear Hannah, Thank you for sharing. It’s good for you to share and great for us to read. I have been in your shoes too as I watched my young brave 20 yr old son fight brain cancer. People were amazed that I could even get up in the morning, go to work, “function” and still have a smile on my face even though I was frightened inside.The human spirit is strong and somehow we seem to rise to the occasion when we are fighting alongside our loved ones as they fight for their lives. I think it’s their determination that helps us too. You are strong and I admire you for your strength. I think and pray for you and your family even more now during the holidays. Ann

  21. Hannah,

    Your post was absolutly beautiful and such a great reminder if what really is important. We all get caught up in daily trials that in the big picture are just small hurdles in this journey through life. Your dad must be so proud of the amazing daughter he has raised. My thoughts and prayers go out to your family during this trying time. The positive thoughts and attitudes are so strong and inspiring.

  22. Keep positive it is so important for all of you. Home is always a great healing place and so comforting, and don’t forget to laugh, sometimes we get so caught up in everything else we forget to enjoy all of the fun we have in life. My husband had a right frontal glioma for many years that was malignant. We had so many great years until the darn thing decided to start growing again, but we sure made great use of all of those years, so enjoy those months, weeks and days and enjoys all that life gives all of you. You deserve everything.

  23. What an inspirational post! Your words rang so true for me today. Reading your post just before laying my head down, helped put things in perspective. It’s been a long emotional day, but I found comfort and hope in your words. You , your Dad and your family are in my prayers. Stay strong…

  24. Beautiful. Thank you for your uplifting words. I’m sitting here in shock having just watched the story about your dad on Fox News. I don’t know where I’ve been that I hadn’t heard about this. I applaud you and your family for all you are doing. I lost my dad to stage 4 cancer 10 years ago and wish I would have spent more time enjoying those last days than focusing on the bad. I still struggle with this on a daily basis but now that I have a baby I fight the urge daily and am making progress day by day to focus on the positive so that I can be a good example to my son. Prayers to your family and your dad, you guys are such a great example and thank you for opening your lives to us.

    • Very nicely written. I’m sure your parents are extremely proud of you! Hard to fathom that you don’t have a boyfriend or a job, but I’m sure those are around the corner.

      As for the zits? Well, I’m in my early 50s and I still get them. Wrinkles too, plenty of those!

      Happy Holidays to you and your family!


  25. Hannah
    This so beautiful. I lost my husband 6 years ago to a terminal illness. I remember those days of being overwhelmed with dealing with daily life and caring for a love one.
    As much as I wanted to stay in bed or run away for just 10 minutes. I would remember how lucky I was to be able to get out of bed and do all those daily life tasks. I enjoyed watching your dad on the news every night with his wit and great tips. Your family are in my prayers.

  26. I am still in shock! Your dad is a great guy, I use to see him at frogs gym and joke around with him. Everyone was always so intimidated by him as a news caster – he was just one of the guys to me…. and he was! I saw him in Home Depot this summer and smiled and waived I had no idea.
    Life is a gift but no one said it was fair :/ give him a big hug for all of us that wish we could.

  27. Hi Loren, I have watched you for years and I have also watched the longest running daily youtube video for 4 years. Ctfxc Char and Alli, And you both have something in common, BRAIN CANCER yuck!! See it here:
    Please contact him for inspiration and maybe some advice. Bty they didn’t find the T.V. remote in his brain either…. LOL

  28. I was laughing and crying at the same time when I read your blog “REJOICE”. What a insightful message. I will carry it with me always. We just met today at the dog park where our dogs bonded in friendship. I hope we meet again. I will pray for you and your entire family. Just remember, not gone, just gone ahead. Paige Reder and Fenway.

  29. RIP my Loren. Your life continues. As I see a butterfly appear out of nowhere, I will know it is you fluttering by to find the many gardens you have planted.

  30. Loren When I passes by a bed of flowers I will think about all the memories you left behind. Its’ just the thought knowing that you will no longer brighten lives on TV. or give a nice word of encouragement.. You were my next Walter Cronkite (favorite anchor).Heaven has inherited an Angel once again. I am glad you conquer peace with your loving family…

  31. Hannah, Here you are touching all of us with your wondrous writing when we should be holding you up?!!! But your posts are so beautiful; I hope you continue to write.

    I always watched Loren’s gardening segments and they were always great. Someone has said recently that you get a certain block of time, and not to have guilt that you can’t save someone.

    Love to all. Lynne

  32. In the light that faith brings us the spirit shines on.
    Old way of saying what a recent loss like yours led me to experience to be true.

    I extended an invitation to your Dad to chat about my experience as I felt he was ready; if he were up to it. I waited pensive and hopeful but he didn’t take me up on it. I had only left an entry on his blog so as not to be imposing myself on his time and journey. I was responding to his wondrous clear and lucidly written words of December 26 in the middle of that night. I may never know if he even managed to read it.
    May I leave the reassurance with you that I bore witness that the spirit carries on. That he is with us and in a piece of our hearts as we allow. That spirit has freedom, expression, creativity, passion and control. All facets of your fathers life that were the essence of his being. And exactly what he hoped for in his final blog.
    I drew comfort to see he found his way and saw ahead himself ! In his fine words and clear expressions too few of us are bold enough to publicly expound upon. He left us all an encouraging message and a wonderful legacy. So my words reach out to you all.
    Hold Fast
    Shine Brightly

    My aspirations .thoughts and best wishes are extended to you all

    Dr. V

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