Water Crystals

Several years ago I read the New York Times Best Seller “The Hidden Messages in Water” by Masaru Emoto. Dr. Emoto claims that water can react to positive and negative thoughts and words (which was later proven to be based on bogus science). In his book, Emoto includes pictures from experiments which seemed to prove that frozen water crystals formed brilliant, complex and stunning snowflake-esque patterns when they were exposed to positive thoughts or words, contrastingly, when the water crystals appeared dull, disjointed and scattered when exposed to negative thoughts or words…allegedly.
Although I was borderline devastated to find the science behind the book debunked, I came to realize that it doesn’t really matter whether the experiments were scientifically sound; I believe in the book’s fundamental concept: every one of our thoughts, words and actions carries energy. The energy we create, whether it be positive or negative, affects our surroundings accordingly. That’s to say that our activities, circumstances and, most importantly, our relationships are reflections of the energy we create. And, as my dad said in his final blog post before he passed away, “I believe that life is energy and energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it can only change forms.”
Too often I get caught up in the daily hustle and I neglect my regularly scheduled dispersement of positive energy, and today I’d like to remedy that. So, I’m going to relay all the things I feel about each of you. And, I’m going to ask that, as you read, you not get hung up in doubt. I’m going to ask you to concentrate not on debunking the science, or questioning the truthfulness of the words, but rather to concentrate on submitting to your belief and faith that these thoughts are real and true and authentic. Trust in the beauty of the process, and in the healing qualities of brazenly positive energy. Here we go…

You are special. You are kind. You are playful and brilliant and courageous. You are sensitive and compassionate and graceful. You are brimming with enthusiasm and bliss. You are magnetic.

Your toes are charming, your knees are ideal, your thighs are powerful. Your hips are heavenly, your belly beautiful and your shoulders are superb. Your smile is beguiling and transcendental and mesmerizing. Your eyes enchantingly whisper the captivating stories of your soul. Your lips are lovely, your ears are precious and your hair is exquisite. You are irresistable.

Your mind is a symphony interesting ideas and creative thoughts. Your words are hypnotic and dreamlike. You’re a visionary and a creative genius. You are so fantastic and fascinating and fierce. You are exceptionally wonderful.

You are never alone. You are forever surrounded by unbridled joy and absolute admiration. You are beloved and cherished. You are wanted, appreciated and adored. The world is better because you exist.





13 thoughts on “Water Crystals

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  2. As are YOU, Hannah.

    This is truly beautiful. I have been reflecting on “Feel the Fear” over these last several days. Thank you again. 🙂

  3. Very powerful, as was your last post on Feel the Fear. You are on the right track! I look forward eagerly to your next message! Thank you, Hannah. 👍❤️

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