The Good Stuff (part 2)


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:  Life can be rough.

We walk through spiderwebs, have run-ins with HOAs, meter maids, and speed traps. All too often we wake up to find that we have horrific zits, and wrinkles, and stretch marks, and that the cat has blatantly pooped on the floor (or maybe that’s just at my house). We’re surrounded by wars and shootings and migraines and breakups. We have car registration and rent and taxes and bills to pay. We breakdown, stress out, and mess up. Stuff happens. But I’m tired of focusing on the sad stuff, the bad stuff, and the downright crappy stuff. I want to again pay tribute to the stuff that makes us smile, the stuff that makes us grateful, the stuff that makes us LAUGH. Here’s to the good stuff (part 2)

Here’s to unseasonably warm weather, friendly strangers and the perfect haircut. To dropping your phone without it shattering, and being eligible for an upgrade when it does.  To front-row parking, front-row seating, and standing room only. To Bluetooth, Wifi, GPS, and DVR.  To online quizzes, astrology and crossword puzzles. To paddle boarding and doing yoga, and also to not paddle boarding or doing yoga. To hiking, and biking, and swimming. To relaxing, and lounging, and chilling. Here’s to Netflix and pizza and sweatpants.

Here’s to seashells, and dolphins, and salty hair. To green flashes, cold beer, and raging bonfires. To surprise parties, wine tasting, and theme parks. To karaoke, and fondue, and melted cheese in general. To frozen yogurt, and burritos, and brightly colored juices. To early mornings, late evenings, and cat naps. To dreamcatchers, cotton sheets, plush robes and sleep masks. To instant coffee, cartoons, and french toast with powdered sugar. To kittens. Just kittens. Here’s to having plans, not having plans, and when someone cancels plans you didn’t want to have.

Here’s to finally finding your keys, the open highway, and cruise control. To downtown and uptown and hometowns. To walking, and running, and standing still, and Ubering. To business trips, family vacations, and being bumped to first class.  To German Shepherds, Bulldogs, and mutts of all kinds. To Catfish: The TV Show, Law and Order: SVU, and The Office. To full batteries, and perfect internet connections. To hot showers, hot tea, hotties, and hot tubs. Here’s to guilty pleasures, healthy habits, and public displays of affection. To perseverance, and ambition, and achieving your goals. Here’s to gratitude, meditation, and faith in something more.

Here’s to dating apps, hugs, cuddling, and human connection.  To friends who hang out so much they look alike, new friends, mutual friends, and friends with benefits. To quick responses on text, emojis and, autocorrect. To putting yourself out there, swiping right instead of left, and finding “the one”. To engagements, and honeymoons, and newlyweds. To baby showers, epidurals and nuzzling a newborn. To anniversaries and birthdays, and regular ol’ Wednesdays. To being single, or being taken, or just plain being yourself. To promotions and raises, and “moving on up”.

Here’s to praying, and grinding, and realizing your dreams.

Here’s to David Bowie, Scott Weiland, Glenn Frey, Maurice White, Paul Kantner, Lemmy Kilmister, and Alan Rickman.

Here’s to San Diego, California, and The United States of America.

Here’s to sunrises, sunsets and every breath between. Here’s to the good stuff.


15 thoughts on “The Good Stuff (part 2)

  1. It’s funny when someone or something comes along just at the right moment! Just two days ago I was telling my recently divorced daughter and mother of two young children that maybe it would help her to start keeping a “gratitude journal”. She deals with depression and a Narcissistic Ex and being a single mom. Then today I read an article this morning in Rolling Stone about Chris Martin and how he was depressed after his breakup and being grateful everyday has helped him, also. Now I hear from Hannah, with such an uplifting message and the word “grateful” intertwined. Thank you for your sweetness and the reminder of green flashes. Before my daughter heads off with her Kindergartener to teach school tomorrow, I will share this with her. I pray she will begin to find all she has to be grateful for and move forward with her life. She deserves to be happy and enjoy all the wonders you write about. Thank you for reminding us.

  2. You have an amazing gift! And you are an amazing gift to all of us who follow you. Thank you for hitting the nail on the head! Loved every word!

  3. That was beautiful! It’s always good to be thankful for what we have!! It puts things into perspective. Happy Hump Day. 🙂

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