Lily Loved Cookies

Lily loved cookies. Lily also loved burying her cookies in the garden, then digging them up the moment she suspected she had been discovered. She loved hot sunny days and cold rainy nights. She loved cuddling and trips to the park. But most of all, Lily loved cookies.
Lily loved to be held. She loved the feeling of being in our arms, squeezed tight against our chests. She loved sleeping by the fireplace and going for rides in the truck. She loved playing soccer with rolled up socks and her favorite blue toy. But most of all, Lily loved cookies.
Lily loved to bark. She loved to bark upstairs and down, in the garage and by the door, and anywhere people could hear her. She loved sunbathing on the patio and lying at our feet. She loved growling at the vacuum and sitting shotgun in the car. She loved chicken and cheese, biscuits and bones. But most of all, Lily loved cookies.
Lily loved her dad. She loved sleeping on his pillow and, when he got sick, she loved staying right by his side…except for when she was burying cookies in the garden. Because most of all, Lily loved cookies.
Until one night, Lily had a fateful encounter with a dog of another sort; and there in the warm September air, Lily left us to join her dad again — to sleep on his pillow of clouds, and bury cookies in his heavenly garden.
Because most of all, Lily loved cookies.

In Loving Memory of Lily Nancarrow (2002 – 2014)




39 thoughts on “Lily Loved Cookies

  1. Sorry for your loss. I can imagine your Dad very happy right now, although it’s hard to lose a pet. Thinking of you and prayers to you and the family. Until you all meet again!

  2. Great tribute to your sweet little friend! Love the picture of her with her cookie. She’s surely will be missed but oh the memories you have. It must be comforting to know she is now with your dad. So sorry for your loss.

  3. I am so sorry for your loss. Your tribute to Lily was excellent and I know your dad is proud of your writing, while snuggling with her. Love the picture, matched the one your words painted first.

  4. What a long, loving life Lily has had. Our wolf dog had the same behavior of sneaking off with her cookies and burying them. You could see her nose was all dirty because she would move the soft,sandy, red dirt with her nose. I used to wander out in the yard to investigate and if I got too close, she would grab it and run off. I would find all kinds of goodies over the years. Obviously Lily was a wolf dog!

  5. Awesome prose Hannah; dogs are just like people to me … My condolences for your loss yet happy for your dad who you KNOW will start bakin cookies for Lily!

  6. My late husband and I had a magazine, NORTH San Diego. It was a community/lifestyle based publication. Your Dad was always available when I called him. I was not only copublisher but I wrote “From the Garden to the Table” . When my husband was diagnosed with GlioSarcoma we had to close the magazine. Evan passed after fighting the beast for 3 years. I truly enjoy your writing. You are a chip off the old block. Your Dad and Lily are smiling from up above. Thank you for all your beautiful words. They minister ro my heart

  7. awww so sweet hannah. our dog bradley was attacked by a coyote last month. after lots of stays at animal hospital and lots and lots of stitches he is going to make it thank goodness. so hard.. xo

  8. Thank you for all the wonderful blogs. Your journey and love you shared helped me to be brave when my mom had a stroke and passed away 1 month later. I was able to sit with her, be with her, and ease her transition as she went to rejoin my Dad and all her lovely friends she has lost over the years.
    She was 94 years old. Years ago, Loren spoke to the garden club in the village. Mom asked him afterwards if she could shake his hand, and he gave her a hug instead. She really appreciated his connection with our lovely blue planet.

  9. Part of the family and always leaves such an ache in our heart. Very sorry to hear
    of your loss, replaced by memories of a little dog and her love of cookies.

  10. Awww I know I’m a little late but I’m soooo sorry for your loss. My boyfriends chihuahua/terrier mix was taken by a coyote. It was an awful day. At least we have memories and they are back with our loved ones that have already passed…

  11. I am so sorry for your losses. I did not even know your Dad had cancer or passed away, until today. I moved away from San Diego in 2011 to Newport, OR, via Seattle, to start a new job with NOAA. I am now at an even newer job at the Air Force Academy Cadet Library in Colorado, and discovered a comment left by one of my San Diego friends, so I checked it out. Oh, how I missed your Dad doing the weather on 10News! He was the best! When I was taking care of my Dad, we always listened to 10News. It was difficult for us to switch to Fox, although we did catch Loren there a few times. We liked listening to Ben Higgins on 10, as he did a piece on my father, Bill Nary, for his 90th Birthday. Dad was San Diego’s first-ever touring golf pro. He passed away on March 13, 2012, just under a year after the stroke that he had just before his 96th birthday. Dad was 96.75 years young. He always said, “I’m goin’ to live to be a hundred, or die tryin’!” I need to put that on his Website!– .

    I’m going to have to catch up on all the tributes to your Dad, Loren and to Lily. You have a talent for writing, just like your father. So glad to know about the Healing Garden at Scripps that was named after him. Keep up the good work, and enjoy it (although, I’m sure it never feels like work–I’m learning so much more about my own father putting together his Website and his slideshow! It’s actually fun! It’s been 3 years for me; your loss is still a little fresh. At this point, it’s still pretty painful, I’m sure.). Sorry about Lily, too, but glad Loren now has his faithful friend back!

    My blessings to you and your family–and thank you for blessing my family,
    Catherine Nary

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