8 Lessons From My Dad

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Earlier this week, I had the honor and privilege of speaking at kickoff night of San Diego Women’s Week. It was such a special night for me and it excited and ignited me in ways I didn’t know were possible. My dad had hoped he would be able to attend the event — but, (without trying to sound too cliché) I know he was there, surrounding me and encouraging me as he’s always done.

So, here’s my speech from Monday night. The whole process was truly cathartic for me, and I hope it touches you in some way too.

XOXO Hannah Jane


Wow! What a ride!

— San Diego Women’s Week 2014 Speech — 

This moment that I’m in is so bittersweet. It’s also ironic, because I’m here tonight, living out my dreams, the opening speaker at San Diego Women’s Week, surrounded by brilliant, creative and dynamic women…all because of…

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One thought on “8 Lessons From My Dad

  1. Hannah, I’m Annie Parsons, Lainy’s mom, and an old friend of your mom and dad’s. Just wanted you to know I’ve been following your blog and am so proud of you. You are a talented writer, and darling, bright, insightful woman. Great job Mom and Dad….and Great job to You! I’ll keep reading, so please keep writing, and know we hold your family close in our hearts and thoughts. Sincerely, Annie

    Anne Parsons


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