The Good News About Bad News

The Nancarrow Project

Where is it?! It should’ve been here days ago. Maybe it was lost in transit. Maybe it’s lying low somewhere waiting to jump out and catch me off guard. I checked the mailbox—nothing there. I didn’t find it in my missed calls or in my text messages. And I thought rebooting my dilapidated iPhone would surely reveal it’s ugly little head—but nope. I refreshed my email and scanned Facebook thinking it was probably hiding somewhere in the dingy, dark corners of the internet. Still nothing. Where could it be?! I’ve got to find it before it finds me.

The last few months have been incredible. There have been sandy beach days, hearty, inappropriate laughs and lingering life lessons—-punctuated by brutal, stomach-stomping, life-altering bad news. And according to the schedule: bad news is long overdue. But it’s nowhere to be found.

Fueled with the best possible MRI results, Dad, Mom…

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