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The pathology results are in for the fluid in Dad’s brain…

There was a chance that the fluid was either (in order from best to worst news) dead/dying cancer cells, goo from the trauma of surgery (and/or hitting his head multiple times since), or new cancer cells forming.

—drumroll please—


HOORAY!  And a follow up MRI, 24 hours after surgery, revealed that it had not returned. Mom said she felt like driving down the street, windows open, yelling “THERE’S NO FLUID!!”

Mom had been {glam}camping in the new R.V. outside the hospital all week (with a german shepherd and two pomeranians in tow), and she was ready and waiting in her hospital-front campsite when Dad was sprung from his muchbigger room at Scripps on Saturday morning (4/20/13).

From the hospital, he and Mom went where all people go after brain surgery———Nordstrom’s (of course)! Dad even attended…

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